We need your intelligence!

Since a supercomputer defeated the chess champion of human in 1997,
there is always a big question: Will the computer rules mankind one day?

Unfortunately, we don't have time to think about this question anymore,
because we have a bigger trouble right now in the outer space.

According to our computer logs in here and here, A severe malfunction had occurred
to the "Crystal Laboratory Overlord Wireless Nanocomputer", a.k.a. the C.L.O.W.N.,
and it has transformed the whole lab into a huge maze.

 We are recruiting people to pilot the probe into the lab in outer space
to help us retrieve the crystals, and crash the out-of-mind computer.

Key features

A total of 200 brainstorming puzzles composed of 10 sophisticated components
20 collectable mosaic pictures
5 different stunningly designed models of probe
Exquisite Science-fiction artworks
Impressive audio and vocal performance

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